Genetic inheritance system

The genetic inheritance system is based on a Punnett square. Angels regardless of their class or element are capable of having offspring, Genetic traits are by body part, with each of the five having up to three traits.

Gene principal progenitor

This gene has the highest percentage of being inherited, with up to 36.5% of inheritance.

Ancient Gene

This is a recessive gene with up to 10% of being inherited. In the case that the Ancestral gene is the same as the Principle Progenitor, the percentages would be added giving a total of 46.5%.

Race mutant gene

There is a small chance of a racial mutation — 3.5% — where the baby Angel could be a different class from either of its parents

Possible mutant genes:

  • Standard (normal) gene: 2.5%.

  • Rare gene: 0.75%

  • Epic gene: 0.22%.

  • Anfri gene: 0.03%.

Angels also can have mutations in appearance, which have no impact on their abilities. There is a 96.5% chance that the offspring will have the same color and shape as their parents.

However there is a 0.35% chance that the Angel can have a different color or shape.

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