The Mythology of the Anfriverse

Where there was the Nothing, the Mother, there was also the Everything, the Father, or so it was thought. Over the millennia, the Nothing and the Everything created what became known as the “ALL” — the Anfriverse — and then they faded from memory. Created without form, without purpose, and without reason. From this chaos,came "Life", the creation of the first Supreme God known as Summum Vita. Summum Vita, seeing how it stopped belonging to Nothing and Everything, decided to create the first Anfri Angels: Inanis, Kosmik, Chaos, Neutrum, and Hordo. After their creation, Vita gave its first order: "FILL THE WORLD WITH ME!" Thus the world became filled with Anfri Angels. with different purposes from the ideals of their parents and mothers, Life went on for many years, both peaceful and happy, until the Nothing and Everything found out.
The Nothing, upon learning about the war that arose between the brothers, using dark matter powers, created an era of destruction called the Ancestral Conflict. The Nothing’s motives were to end all life created by Vita. However the All did not agree with the massacre, and then disappeared the Nothing, ending the Ancestra Conflict.
But the brothers could not forget what happened and were exiled to the depths of the Anfriverse leaving the world in a deplorable state. Over time the situation improved, but the Anfriverse was not as it was before, it was nowfull of monsters and enemies, and all sorts of beings, not just Angels. After hundreds of years, humans, demi-humans, beasts, and all kinds of creatures had to learn to work together in order to exist defeat the chaos. The different species began to take over territories and build homes and empires. Humans formed the first Kingdom, which was named Paradisum. The Demihumans formed the Kingdom of Kosmikonium in honor of their God. The beasts created different villages around a sacred trees called Vitarium: trees as big as mountains and as powerful as a God. Over the years more kingdoms emerged and conflict began to grow again, causing wars, famine and death. Meanwhile, a human without a name or a surname, along with his companion, a silver Angel of unknown form, began to gather the most powerful objects left by the brothers / Gods for an unknown purpose that some time later everyone would find out about. The different kingdoms tried to stop him as he became more and more powerful, but they managed to stop the unknown subject who was named Levin. Later, Levin declared war on all the kingdoms achieving victory, thereby the corrupt kingdoms were dismantled and eliminated. As a result the oppressed peoples were liberated, and with peace again throughout Anfri, Levin also disapeared. Then a new kingdom was emerged,, a kingdom so prosperous that it was hard to believe that it wasn’t ancient, a kingdom of beings of all races — humans and beasts and demihumans and angels — in an unparalleled harmony, great in agriculture as well as people, a kingdom called the supreme or Anfri Kingdom. This supreme kingdom restored the other neighboring kingdoms, but still remained the gem of the realm. It had many cities, linked by its great roads, the Root Node, inside its great magical walls. Trade passes from the capital, The Central, to Exterior, the great border inside the walls. Exterior’s sister city was The End, a city outside the walls that could be accessed by many modes of transit. But as the great god Treumun said the whole universe is like a coin, it always has two opposite faces. The Anfri Kingdom was constantly the target of monsters.
The most powerful of these kingdoms was the Anfri Kingdom, a kingdom whose desire was to fight the monsters of the world using the Summoned, beings of unknown origin that have the ability to talk to and control the Angels. The Summoned and the Anfri Angels joined forces and together became the battle force of the Anfri Kingdom.
Different evil beings approached the borders of the kingdom and some even entered within these borders beginning to inhabit the forests and meadows of the Anfri Kingdom. After years of prosperity and constant attacks, the Anfri Kingdom became the center of even greater interest after the discovery of the Summoners, who while mysterious are not aggressive or evil. And that is where we enter the tale.