The Anfri Kingdom is considered the most prosperous kingdom, but at the same time is the most dangerous. For unknown reasons, it is under is constant attack by different monsters, including corrupted Angels, who differ in size and power.



Minor Colossus

Magical stone creatures, small and clumsy. They can usually be seen outside the entrances of mining areas and in low-danger-level caves. They are mainly curious instead of aggressive, along with being quite stupid, but are still dangerous in groups.. They are 1-2 feet tall, they live in large herd groups, they have high reproductive capacity, and can evolve into stronger and more troublesome variants.


Stone Hobogoblin

One of the evolutions of the Stone Goblins, they are fierce, rebellious and highly territorial, and beasts in combat, some say that in strength they are similar to gorillas,They live in small caves and rocky areas. Approximately 6-7 feet tall, they are primarily solitary and have rarely been seen in the company of anything other than a Minor Colossus.


Stone Goblin

If you encounter a Stone Goblin, run! Big as a house and imposing, the Major Colossus is uncommon, and the strongest evolution to encounter as it is one of the strongest Hobgoblin evolutions.,. They are known to be highly intelligent and strategists and leaders of all Hobgoblins.

Long after the sighting of these creatures, the King together with the Summoners created the Anfri Guild, a guild that assigns and rewards monster killing quests. Summoners always loved the adventure and excitement, this became a passion for them, a dream job. Meanwhile the Anfri Angels, they love to show their strength and courage, besides their elegance and kawaii beauty.

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