Adventure Mode

The adventure mode is a universe where Anfri Angels fight against the computer controlled AI, with levels of increasing difficulty. Adventure mode is where trainers can test their Angels and hone their skills before fighting other trainers.

  • Player-versus-environment (PvE) based.

  • Players fight with their best Anfri Angels to achieve great rewards.

  • Recommended for new or casual players.

  • This mode consists of 100 levels, with increasing difficulty.

  • Players will fight three bosses; one boss will spawn on level 15, while the other spawns on level 45.

  • Players can obtain Angel Wings without energy, however experience points can only be obtained with energy.

  • Players gain experience points by completing a level.

  • The only way to level up Angels and unlock card slots for each body part.

The Angel at level 15 is allowed to have one card, at level 70 he will have the chance to get an incredible card. There are only three chances to get a card with a new ability.

  • Level 15

  • Level 45

  • Level 100

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