Anfri objects

There are a variety of objects that can enhance the Angels in both battle and breeding.

Anfri Orbs ($ANF)

Anfri Orbs are the tokens of our world, a unit of value based on cryptography and blockchain. They can be gained as reward in battles or participating in the comunity or by aquiring them in an exchange.

Angel Wings

Widely used after the ancient war, angel wings are high-protein biscuits in the shape of wings, needed for breeding and handy for battle. They are 100% delicious and available for purchase.
Angel Wings have the following uses:
Breeding Angels
Recover Angels after a combat

Ancient Gems

Ancient Gems are used for upgrading Angels; there are two types of gems for each race that has been discovered. Gems come in 10 levels, but can be improved by forging them. However said forging comes with the chance of breakage.
Risk percentage
Level 1 to 2
Level 2 to 3
Level 3 to 4
Level 4 to 5
Level 6 to 7
Level 8 - 10
These can be acquired with energy or the trainer can win them in adventure mode.