Anfri Cards

Each attack an Anfri Angel can perform is represented by a card. The game contains 128 cards. The cards contain the following information in order:
  • Card name.
  • Priority.
  • Possible uses of the card.
  • Average card damage. Can vary depending on Angel stats.
  • Hit percentage.
  • Card action. Can have additional actions as effects.
  • Card category: physical, magical or other.
According to the researchers of the Anfri Kingdom, the beings known as Summonerds, or trainers, are formless beings who only interact with the world via Anfri Angels. They have the ability to change the abilities and types of Anfri Angels. Although they do not do anything bad to the world, they are still being investigated and monitored.
As part of their ability to affect the abilities of the Angels, the Summoners can affect their ability and actions in battles, as represented by Cards.

Card Types

  • Damage: cards to reduce enemy HP
  • Support: cards applied to your Angel with abilities like healing, shielding, increasing ability to do damage.
  • Debuffs: cards applied to the opponent to reduce their abilities such as attack or speed.

Card Statistics

The number of times that card can be cast until it is restored (rested or over time).
Damage done by the card, whichcan vary depending on the Angel’s stats.
The probability of successfully using the card.