Anfri Economics

Anfri will have it’s own in game market place where players will be allowed to trade between each other. A 4% fee will be charged in each transaction.

ANFRI will have a currency, the ANFRI Orb ($ANF). The number of $ANF will be capped at 300 million. It can be used in the in-game marketplace, staking pools, vote in key desitions for the game, but also can be cashed out into other tokens. Staking will be undestood as setting aside $ANF for ensuring liquidy for the token in descentralized protocols.

Another key feature of the Anfries economy is the Anfri Angels used for the game are also NFTs. Outside of the game, they can be traded and bought just like any other NFT and kept in external wallets. The NFT may be purchased in the initial sale or from other users in the in-game marketplace or through other external wallets and market places. Trading in-game with other players is also possible. Trades carried out aoutside the Afri market place will be also subject to a 4% transaction fee.

There are three activities where participants can potentially earn rewards: breeding, governance participation, staking, and completing challenges.

The goods that can be traded inside the game are:

  • Anfri Angels

  • Angel Wings

  • Ancient Gems

  • Soul Essence

  • Seasonal items

The value of the items will depend on their demand and supply. Thus, the objective of the Anfri economy is to create a internal economy where players and their demands determine value, creating a balance between investment value and the cost to play the game.

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