Anfri Angels

Anfri Angels live in the Anfriverse; each of them is an NFT registered on the blockchain. Players (Anfri Trainers) can collect, battle with, and breed the cute dragon-like1 creatures.

All Anfri Angels are characterized by a set of special traits that determine their performance in the two types of battles available in the Anfriverse.

Angels body parts

Anfri Angels are made up of body parts that correspond to different battle movements. Each Angel has 5 body parts:

  • Head

  • Horns

  • Belly

  • Feet

  • Tail

The head, horns, feet, and tails are connected to special cards that determine what tricks an Angel can use in battle (cards will be explained in the battle chapter). The belly does not have a card connected to them, but it is not far behind in contribution to the battle. Depending on its quality and type, each one has different statistics that will be explained below (HP, ATK, DEF and SPEED).

  1. Their interesting appearance can confuse humans and make them think they are dragons, but they are very different, Anfri Angels are unique, they are NFTs.

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