Eight classes of Anfri Angels have currently been discovered in the Anfriverse:

Interesting fact: It is known that each son of Vita possessed one element or more. A case in point is that Kosmik the second eldest son of Vita, had the ability of the cosmic, ethereal and psionic elements. Hordon, Inanis & Chaos had only one element, Hordon thunder, Inanis void and Chaos fire. Besides that sister Neutrum possessed the elements water and nature, with this the angels that followed the different brothers adopted their elements.

With the passage of time after the end of the ancestral conflict, many angels decided to take a freer path and wander aimlessly through the world. This situation generated that over the years, many totally new kinds of angels were born. Angels of various kinds were seen, but mostly variants of the original ones, each with different qualities and parts. In addition to having a unique way of living, 4 types of angels have been seen by elements to date, there may be more over time, this is something that our team is still investigating.

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